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Starting from Pezoulia in Selakano you can enjoy some of the best routes in Crete.

Organized excursions

The cave of Neraidogoula one of nature’s well hidden secrets – presents an inexplicable phenomenon. Sometimes in August unbelievable quantities of water flow out of the depths of the cave, flood the “Psoriaris” river and cause catastrophes. Perhaps this is why it took the name “Neraidogoula”, that means ” Fairy ‘s spring”.



The gorge of Parsa An exciting mountain route between the settlements of Selakano and Metaxohori in a forested area full of springs and little streams.


Climb to Afentis An all-day pilgrim hike to the church of Afentis Christos . A unique experience and a magnificent view above the clouds.

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Off-road trips Selakano is an excellent starting point for off-road trips to the picturesque Dikti mountains. A trip inside the woods (with jeeps or bikes) ) is not something you want to miss. The area is generally accessible as it is crossed by a dense network of country roads, the majority of which is passable all through the year.

Path E4 Each year, thousands of climbers and hikers pass through the area of Selakano, as it is a part of the E4 path’ s route. The European path E4 after thousands of kilometres of paths, having passed through many European countries ends here, in the prefecture of Lasithi. It enters Lasithi from the west side of the mountains of Dikti and the Tihos settlement. After a long as well as magnificent route it reaches Selakano and continues to the villages of Prina, Meseleri, Vasiliki and Papagianades. The end of the path E4 is Kato Zakros in the municipality of Sitia.

The Sarakina canyon leaving Selakano on the way to the settlement of Mythi you can see the sign that points to the Sarakina canyon. Follow it and in a few minutes you will find yourself in the entrance of this magnificent canyon. Remember that there are stream waters inside the canyon all-year long, so you will need the right shoes and perhaps a towel. During the winter and in the beginning of spring the water level inside the canyon makes it impossible to cross.

Nearest beaches and summer routes

Only 15 kilometres from the settlement of Selakano you may find amazing beaches and taste delicious fish dishes in local sea-side taverns.

Myrtos a beautiful sea-side village with marvellous beaches with crystal-clear waters that are always calm since Myrtos’ bay is protected by the strong summer winds.

Tertsa Traditional little village with a relatively secluded beach. In the villlage’s only tavern you can enjoy cretan cuisine and a beautiful view of the Libyan sea.

Psari Forada another sea-side village that combines beautiful as well as calm sea with great taverns and little coffee shops that also serve raki and starters.

Ierapetra the southernmost town of Europe, a town of 15.000 people. Beautiful, clean beaches and many restaurants with delicious traditional Cretan cuisine are the main features of this town. There is also a variety of choices for your entertainment: seaside cafes, bars and traditional “raki” bars . A visitor should not miss a day trip to the Island of Chrisi. Swimming in its crystal clear, green-blue waters and relaxing on its long white beaches is a unique experience. Chrisi is 40minutes from Ierapetra with regular ferry trips during the summer. For more info about Ierapetra and the sites to see visit


Oreon Festival (from the 5th until the 15th of August) – Cultural Festival


Stock-raising and dairy production in Selakano Our guests are free to watch or take part in the daily chores of local shepherds and stock-raisers, feeding and taking care of the animals, as well as milking the goats and making traditional cheese and yogurt.

Churches & Monasteries The number of the Byzantine churches, chapels and monasteries scattered in the area is remarkable. Among them some have superb and valuable icons. However one should not miss the Monastery of Panagia Exakousti, one of the most beautiful monasteries in Crete, a true oasis of hospitality and reverence.